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Funding for Bible Explorer Presenter Training

Bible Explorer Presenters are volunteers who go into their local primary schools and teach the story-line of the Bible in a fun and interactive way. Bible Explorer is taught exclusively to Key Stage 2 pupils (aged nine to eleven years) to fit in with each school's locally agreed RE Syllabus.

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Many children don't go to Sunday school and as a result have very little knowledge of the Bible. Most children go to school so the best way is to teach the 'Big Picture' of the Bible in their primary schools to Years 5 and 6 just before they make the transition to secondary education. It is at that stage that they are most receptive. The Bible Explorer lessons are non-denominational and non-conversionary.


Since our schools ministry began in 1996 hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren have been taught the Bible Explorer programme. We have now reached the milestone of half a million children taught but our aim is to reach every child in Years 5 and 6 of every primary school. In order to teach many more children we need to keep training new Presenters to expand the teams in Ireland and the UK.