Yorkshire Coast Sight Support

IT for those who can't SEE

To visit sight impaired people in their homes to show them how much benefit they can get from using a computer with speech software

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We cover a widespread area, much of it quite isolated in the North Yorkshire Moors area. We want to bring more people with sight problems into the world of new technology and demonstrate to them how they can use a computer with special speaking software. The pc uses Guide software, which is really computing by numbers, and with this a person can scan in bills, letters etc to the pc, which will then read them back, they can use word processing, access the internet for shopping, information etc, contact friends and relatives by email of Skype, play games and much much more. To do this we need a laptop computer with a big screen, Guide software, a scanner and a touch typing tutor which cost a total of £1,000, plus £9,000 for salary costs. The end goal is to give sight impaired people the same opportunities as sighted people in the use of a pc, which will enrich their lives, remove isolation,and allow them the freedom of communication.