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Malawi Flood Appeal

Raising money to support more than 1000 families who have been affected by recent floods in Malawi.

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Flood Relief and Recovery in Zomba, Machinga and Mangochi Districts The Situation: Zomba, Machinga and Mangochi districts, located in the southern part of Malawi, have experienced frequent heavy rains during the weeks from January 17th to the present. The result is massive flooding in many of the villages in these districts. 1380 houses have been destroyed, displacing families and increasing the burden on already poor families who have opened their doors to these homeless people. Household items were washed away, leaving families with nothing. 5778 families have lost their crops. This severely increases the threat of food insecurity at the household level during the next 8-12 months, if fields are not replanted. Many of the affected families are female and child-headed households, and households which are caring for orphans, elderly and people living with HIV/AIDS, which places them in an added position of vulnerability when disaster strikes. What is needed? The flooded communities, together with the local governments of the respective areas, have approached Emmanuel International Malawi for assistance in responding to the needs of these communities. The following items have been identified as the primary needs of these families: food, basic household items, water purification chemicals, blankets, and seeds and the necessary agricultural inputs for replacing their lost harvests. The distribution of seed and fertilizer for families to replant is of utmost importance to food security in the near future, because the majority of the families in these three districts rely primarily on their crops of maize, rice, sugar cane, sweet potato and cassava both for their nutritional needs and to generate income to purchase foodstuffs. Loss of this harvest signals impending disaster for these families, and a dramatic increase in the amount of outside aid may be needed to feed these people until the next harvest season arrives. Therefore it is imperative that the families are able to replant their crops before the rainy season ends so they can still benefit from the few remaining rains and the moisture that is trapped in the soil. What can you do? 10 GBP is enough to purchase maize seeds and the fertilizer necessary for families to replant their fields. 23 GBP will buy a month's supply of water treatment, maize and beans for a family of 7 14 GBP will provide a family with three blankets Please pray for these communities! If you wish to donate towards this cause, please send your gift to the EIUK office, earmarked Malawi Flood Appeal. FOR A FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN, PLEASE CONTACT US.