Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust

Life's no fairytale

Children with mental and emotional health problems need to tell and understand their story, and find a way to a happier ending. In fairytales, only the goodies get to live happily ever after, but real life is more complex. Counsellors and mentors will listen to children to help them back to health

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It ran from 10:59 AM, 24 June 2011 to 7:14 AM, 28 September 2011

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We turned over 250 children away from our counselling service, because we didn't have enough funding. These are children facing bereavement, family breakdown, depression, anxiety and neglect. We know that these children are more likely to develop long term mental health problems without some help soon. Many are isolated and will seek to manage their painful feelings with drugs and alcohol, whcih can make things worse. 90% of those we support say that their lives have improved as a result.


Many children say that adults don't really listen to them. Our mentors and counsellors are experienced, qualified, caring people who are able not only to hear their story, but to help them understand it and find a way to a happier ever after. Assessments and feedback from young people and parents show that our compassionate and responsive approach makes a real difference to how they feel about themselves and their ability to get the help they need.