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Bake a DIfference

Baking bread and other quality food is a great skill to have. It helps you stay healthy, save money, earn money and provide gifts and food to family and friends. Young people with mental health problems, working with bakers, can develop these skills and improve their mental health at the same time

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Young people with mental health problems struggle at school and college, especially as the focus on competition and academia increases. Alternative opportunities to gain socially and economically useful skills in a supportive environment are needed. Baking skills include food hygeine, team working, time keeping and self-management skills that are sought by employers.


Baking provides immediate feedback about what works and what doesn't. The satisfaction of a job well done is rewarded by delicious food. Baking together enables young people of different abilities and volunteers to work collectively to produce quality sustainable food. Alongside therapy and practical support, the Bake a Difference project will help young people back to health.