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Take 10 Islington children from some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in London. Send them on a 4 week global expedition with experienced playworkers to discover and record how children play in Africa, South America, India and the Far East. Record it all in video diaries and then make it available to schools, colleges and playwork courses in a DVD and textbook format to be used as a never before seen insight into how children play around the world,

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Islington is a tale of two neighbourhoods. IPA's offices are based in the borough's Barnsbury ward which contains a real mix of affluence and deprivation. This is no more apparent than the contrast between the Bemerton Village Estate and Thornhill Gardens, which sit side by side in the centre of the ward separated only by the Caledonian Road. The Bemerton Estate is one of the 11 super output areas (SOAs) which fall within the 10% most deprived in Islington and the 3% most deprived nationally. Thornhill Gardens, on the other hand, is one of the most affluent areas in Islington. Spanning 12 months, Planet Play aims to offer children living in these areas, aged between 8 and 11, a chance to participate in a global play audit. Its findings and the process employed to gather the findings will form a mapping exercise of how children play around the world. Using our existing links with the International Play Association, the planning team would begin 6 months before the expedition to develop those links while shortlisting schools, children's homes and sports facilities in the named regions that would benefit from the Planet Play project. The 10 Planet Play children will visit host organisations in each region to play with contemporaries across the developing world and learn new games and activities while recording them on video diaries. The 10 Planet Players will also take games and activities from one region onto the next, sharing good play ideas as they go. The findings will later be edited down into a professional quality documentary. A DVD of the documentary and an accompanying textbook will then be marketed to schools and colleges with extracts of both media available to download from IPA's website. All profits from the sale of the DVD will be donated to the institutions that the Planet Play children visited during their 4 week journey of discovery. The experience for the 10 children will be profound. The findings from the journey will be enlightening. The research produced will be the worlds first child-based insight into the commonality and differences between children at play around the world. Islington Play Association has been supporting and creating play in the borough for 35 years. Planet Play gives IPA the opportunity to take their work beyond the borough and share its skills, experience and passion for play with children, and the professionals that are in contact with them, across the world.