Headway East London

Therapies Programme

Creating a comprehensive therapy programme offering specialised counselling, occupational therapy and neuroligical physiotherapy services to survivors of brain injury from across 14 London Boroughs.

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It ran from 10:21 AM, 22 June 2012 to 8:24 AM, 5 July 2012

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1083910)

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Acquired brain injury is a long-term condition which can result in a complex range of physical, cognitive and emotional problems. Survivors of brain injury often lack self-confidence and motivation. In many instances family relationships break down, leaving people isolated and without support. An apparent lack of 'physical' disabilities can mean that health & social care professionals and the general public underestimate the difficulties faced by people living with an acquired brain injury.


Headway East London provides a welcoming community which respects and values the contribution made by all its members. Specialist assessment identifies each individual's specific needs & abilities. A personalised therapy programme will then facilitate the setting and achievement of goals, by a combination of neurological physiotherapy, counselling and occupational therapy. The sharing of developing skills within Headway and the wider community increases confidence and positive self-identity.