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Park Hall Roof

The Roof on our function hall is now over 30 years old and is unfortunately becoming porus. We need to re-cover the roof surface

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Our volunteers have patched a few leaks over the last two years but the age of the rook makes it obvious that it has already outlived it's natural life. The roof is sloped in two directions but is still of the felt variety. Park Hall is the main function room for events held by clubs and individuals for club presentation nights and wedding; it is used as well by 3 dance clubs, keep fit, tai chi, and archery on a regular basis. As well as having a kitchen and bar the room has a good dance floor and can be used for all types of events for up to 200 people. The project is needed to maintain the fabric of the building and ensure that bookings can be met. Quotes have been obtained for the work. Some of these vary depending on whether they include improvements. We have decided at this stage that we need to do a job replacing like with like, which is the cheapest option.