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The Ackers Security Project

The Ackers is currently seeking funds in order to install much needed security devices around its new sporting and community facilities.

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The Ackers site is based within an area that is classed as a highly deprived inner city area of deprevation. Its open natured site and facilities are classed as a high risk to crimes such as vandelism, burgalarys, anti-social behaviour and graffetti. The Ackers is currently seeking funding for the protection of its new Ackers Base Camp and Ackers Adventurous Tower facilities . This includes steel security fencing and recording security cameras. The budget for this project is broken down in to the following, Fencing quotes seperate for both the ABC Building and The Tower to include VAT and installation, Ackers Base Camp Building £10.779 Adventurous Activity Tower £5,500 CCTV Equipment and cost to install £5.000 approx