Future Skills Training

The Lean on Me Programme

A one-to-one mentoring programme designed to empower young people to make positive choices and raise their aspirations. Young people are matched with a suitable mentor who will provide targeted emotional and practical support to meet agreed social, educational and employment focussed targets.

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Many disaffected young people lack positive role models who are able to empower and support them as they grow into adults. Combined with other adverse factors this can lead to little aspirations and low self-esteem, poor educational achievement, inadequate personal and social skills, a lack of meaningful and supportive relationships and therefore little hope of a future.


Through a one-to-one mentoring programme, young people will be matched with a mentor who will meet with them regularly to build a trusting relationship enabling them to encourage, support and challenge the young people in areas most needed. As the relationship builds the young people will be encouraged to set targets for them to achieve both during the mentoring period and when this has finished. We intend to mentor between 10 and 20 young people per year.