Sound Studio for Inner City, Unemployed Youth.

Aim The aim of the project is to provide a sound studio in the immediate area for 16 to 25 year olds to develop the necessary skills to be employable in this field and also to provide workshops for dads to spend quality time on music projects with their children.

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At present, there are a group of youngsters who are working hard to produce their own music. However, they have to use a studio which is across the gang territorial boundaries, in another part of Birmingham. As a result of the conflict between some of the youth within the inner city areas there is a great difficulty in ‘crossing postcodes’ and it is considered ‘trespassing’. This means that the group have to be transported using taxis or minibuses and also accompanied by a youth worker. All of this adds to the cost of using the studio and the restrictions of use. If a local studio could be provided there would be a cheaper and more accessible facility for a greater number of youngsters within the local area. We also recognise the needs for dads to engage positively in their children’s lives and it is difficult for dads to find activities that interest their children as well as themselves. Music has proved to be one such tool that enables both generations to support each other through a positive project and having our own studio will enable these relationships to develop. In order to achieve this, a room needs to be rented/purchased and suitable equipment would need to be bought. It would also need to be manned to organise proper use and guidance within the studio.