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Although we all like a bit of peace and quiet, and some time alone at various points in our lives, some individuals are perpetually alone. That is where Befriending can help. We are looking to extend our Befriending scheme so that it covers the whole of Birmingham.This will give all those people over 50 an avenue for social interaction, particularly for those that do not have any at present.

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We currently offer a free Befriending Service to older people living in the North, East and South areas of Birmingham, in conjunction with the Birmingham Primary Care Trusts responsible for those areas. The main aims of the Befriending Service are: * To tackle the symptoms of loneliness and isolation amongst older people in Birmingham. * To provide healthcare professionals with a preventative option for maintaining and/or improving the quality of life for some of their more isolated patients. * To give local people the opportunity to achieve a greater sense of purpose and personal achievement through participation in a voluntary scheme. The Befriending Service is available to people over the age of 50 who also meet some of the following criteria: Bereaved Frail Isolated Lonely Housebound With limited social contact, mild depression or anxiety The Befriending Service is provided for six months to a person, by which time it is hoped that the service user will be gaining confidence and making new friends. A volunteer Befriender will visit the service user regularly, to talk to them and reduce their loneliness and isolation. If appropriate, the service user may be encouraged to participate in local community activities, for example, attending a Lunch Club, with the volunteer Befriender. At all times the service user will be treated with dignity and their individual needs, wishes and preferences will be respected. Referrals to the service are made by Age Concern Birmingham, healthcare professionals, social workers, etc. We require the funding to continue expanding our network of befriending co-ordinators and to employ others to cover the West Birmingham area. By doing this, we can recruit more volunteers to take part in the Scheme, and provide this vital service to many more individuals who do not have the social interaction that they require and deserve.