The Rainbow Centre for Children

Free bereavement therapy for a Child

Enable a child to cope with the pain, grief and trauma of the death of a parent or sibling through free therapeutic support at The Rainbow Centre for Children.

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The grief and trauma of the death of a parent or sibling can lead a child to struggle with their emotions and difficult feelings. Whilst every child will react in their own individual ways many can be prone to uncontrollable angry outbursts. This can lead to educational problems either being disruptive in class or failing to pay attention. Children may also withdraw from relationships with other family member or friends for fear of losing them too.


The Rainbow Centre for Children provides a safe haven for children to express their emotions in a therapeutic yet homely environment. We provide non-verbal therapies such as Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Music Therapy and Child Psychotherapy as words often can't be found. Enabling a child to cope with their feelings means that they are more able to engage with those around them, regain their childhood and fulfill their potential in life.