The Sickle Cell Society

Regional Care Adivisors

Providing support for sufferers through more regional care advisors and expanding the sope of the current Regional Advocacy and Support Advice project.

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The aim of the Regional Care Advisors programme is to develop direct services that will improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by Sickle Cell Disorder. Each Regional Care Advisor will represent the Sickle Cell Society within there regions and provide support to individuals and there families affected by the Sickle Cell Disorder. By working with people affected with SCD, support groups and volunteers, and by establishing links with service providers, the Regional Care Advisors will raise awareness of the physical, psychological and social problems caused by SCD. The Regional Care Advisors will seek to promote, secure and deliver within their respective regions, appropriate standards of care for families affected by SCD. Through the use of the Advisors we hope to achieve many positive outcomes such as enabling better provision of more appropriate services for beneficiaries. Parents will be better informed so they can manage their childs condition, Reduce the number of hospital visits for beneficiaries. Improve school attendance and educational attainments of young people with SCD and Improve employment opportunites through better management of the condition. Our regional advocacy and support advice projects consist of a outreach program that provides direct services such as advocacy, information and advice, lobbying for improved services, home visits, hospital visits, support, respite, fundraising events and access to welfare benifits & grants.The regional care programme only currently covers London, which is not even remotely broad enough to provide the level of care and services required! We require funding to enable us to expand and maintain the current programme to reach a larger span across the UK in Liverpool, Mancester, Birmingham, Bristol & Cardiff where it is greatly needed. This will allow the society to help and assist more people and there familes affected by the Sickle Cell Disorder.