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Childrens Holiday

A Childrens holiday and Christmas parties help provide a break for parents and careers who work tirelessly all year round, and bring a bit of cheer and fun for children who suffer from the sickle cell disease.

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Families and young people affected by Sickle Cell disorders can experiance considerable financial hardship, difficulty in identifing and accessing care pathways and problems with childcare, education and employment opportunities. The complexity of these problems can easily result in social exclusion and isolation. In order to elevate these issues The Sickle Cell Society provides a free one week holiday for 25 children aged between 7 and 17. This holiday provides huge benifits for both the child and the parent. The Holiday and Christmas parties is a yearly organised events to create some educational fun for the children who suffer from the disease and also a much needed break for parents and cares without worry. ......Turning a Sickle into a smile!