United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA)

Saray Day-Care Centre - for disabled children

Children with disabilities in Azerbaijan have few options for integration to society; they are excluded from education in general and remain isolated at home. The Government supports the idea of day-care but does not have the capacity to develop and test mechanisms - which is where UAFA comes in.

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It ran from 7:59 AM, 2 June 2011 to 11:38 PM, 1 May 2019

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Problem for disabled children - no inclusion to society, little access to services, isolated from other children, no education, institutional care only option Problem for families - no support, can not leave the house, trapped in cycle of poverty and unemployment because of lack of services, trapped in beneficiary mentality Problem for Government - strong impetus to reform child welfare system but little capacity, too centralised to pilot community-based services without NGO partnership


This project supports the Government in de-institutionalising children's services, moving towards community-based services. Day-care has been set up with support from the State, local community and families - all contributing equally. UAFA provides the specialist staff and materials for education and development. Every day, the children attend the Centre and participate in activities with other children. Based on this pilot, the Government will replicate day-care in other State facilities.