Outside Chance

'That'll Never Happen To Me!'

Originally developed for young male inmates at HM YOI Feltham, our Powerpoint workshop takes the viewer through the dangers and often life long consequences of unprotected sex, particularly amongst teenagers.

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The UK has the highest rates of unplanned teenage pregnancies in Europe and the highest transmission rates of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly Chlamydia, in Western Europe. Our 40-minute workshop, delivered in young offender units in the South East as well as in Greater London primary and secondary schools, opens with a 'True or False' quiz which dispells many of the myths and mysteries surrounding sexual activity of all kinds. Despite access to STD information in schools and on the internet, there remains hugely varying degrees of ignorance, both in students and teaching staff, surrounding the consequences of unprotected sexual activity. We focus on the moral question of engaging in sex at too young an age. Are you physically, financially and emotionally capable of looking after a baby? We then show a relatively graphic slideshow of STDs, all involving young people under the age of 19, many of whom contracted the diseases in their mid teens through unprotected sex. Most young people we encounter believe that HIV is the only life threatending condition, unaware that genital warts and herpes are also life long diseases.