Education for Afghanistan's Street Children

There are about 60,000 street children in Kabul alone whose families rely on their income to survive. They are not orphans. Our pilot project will support the whole family by i) providing skills training and job finding for adults and ii) education for the children to stop the cycle of deprivation.

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It ran from 9:03 AM, 11 June 2014 to 10:32 AM, 19 June 2018

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Funding for Afghan related projects is hard to come by due to donor fatigue. Smaller charities like Khorasan face difficulties due to lengthy bureaucratic procedures and by not being well known e.g. like Save the Children and Christian Aid. Funding is difficult despite the fact that Khorasan spends a higher percentage of money directly on the beneficiaries and far less on administration. There are no office costs for example or large full-time international staff salaries.


We will solve the problem by utilising our dedicated small team of fund-raisers to spend more time researching potential donors and to organise fund-raising activities.