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HARK! Cameroon

HARK! Cameroon will provide a much neeed mobile outreach ear care clinic in Cameroon. The project will have the capacity to benefit up to 10,000 people per year by screening, diagnosis and treatment, referrals to schools for children, raised awareness and the dissemination of advice and information.

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Over 20,000 deaf people (adults and children) live in Cameroon. The incidence of deafness and hearing impairment is particularly high in the large rural areas, which have poorer access to primary healthcare. Cameroon is one of the world’s poorest nations and suffers high rates of diseases such as malaria, meningitis and measles, all significant causes of deafness amongst children. As with many developing countries, the deaf and hard of hearing are greatly neglected in the country.


The HARK project in Cameroon will improve the lives of children suffering ear disease and hearing loss by providing access to audiology services to rural villages and urban informal settlement communities. The HARK mobile ear-care clinic and audiologists will visit rural villages and urban informal settlements on a regular basis. In doing this, those who need help and treatment, but who cannot afford and are unable to visit the few urban facilities, will have a service geared to their needs.