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SG2 - Nadenh project

Please help us to bring Pon Nadenh a talented wheelchair dancer and choreographer over from Cambodia to train with Stopgap on our SG2 apprentice scheme. This will enable Nadenh to live in the UK and gain valuable skills.

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It ran from 9:44 AM, 18 October 2012 to 2:47 PM, 19 January 2013

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There is a distinct lack of professional disabled dancers but the talent is out there. There is little provision for integrated vocational dance training that allows disabled dancers to compete in the professional world of dance.


By enabling disabled young dancers to participate fully in classes with non-disabled dancers & reach a standard of excellence needed to compete in the professional dance world, we can nurture emerging talent that will feed the sector in years to come. Feedback obtained from dancers demonstrates a demand for regular creative movement workshops but that the existing care providers do not have the specialist movement training required to deliver these workshops. Stopgap fills that void.