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Effective Scarring Treatments

Scarring has profound effects on individuals ranging from cosmetic disfigurement to clinical depression contributing to post-traumatic stress disorder. Our DS Model is an award-winning, validated model of wound healing. The Model will be used to better understand the optimal treatments of scarring.

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There is poor evidence for virtually all treatments to prevent and treat cutaneous scars. Better understanding of the optimal treatments for scarring will limit the negative effects to the individual and society as a whole. The NHS spends millions of pounds a year on scarring treatments


The Dermal Scratch is an extremely powerful model of wound healing in that it is easy to quantify the amount of scarring resulting from the injury and this scarring can be used as a sensitive index of how well a treatment has worked.The treatment interventions to be tested would in the first instance be those that are purported to reduce scar production, are widely used, but for which there is a poor evidence base.