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Fostering Dance

Access to the arts is known to have a lasting and transformational effect on communities and many aspects of people's lives. ‘Fostering Dance’ will support looked after children and young people in Leeds to access dance provision at no financial cost to their carers.

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It ran from 2:32 PM, 12 October 2015 to 7:33 PM, 17 November 2015


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A partnership project between Northern School of Contemporary Dance, DAZL & Fostering Services in Leeds highlighted an issue facing many looked after young people accessing dance provision. Those taking part in the project could not have done so without financial support. We want to remove such barriers to access, giving the opportunity take part in to dance classes & projects across the city to support and nurture their future physical, mental and emotional development.


With the support of Children’s Social Work Service, we would like to hold a pot of money that carers could apply to for their young people to support them attending dance classes in Leeds. This would give children aged 10 – 18 years they opportunity to access a variation of dance styles from contemporary, ballet, street, hip hop and cheer dancing. The money would pay for weekly classes or summer courses, plus an amount towards travel support.