Creating a meeting place for destitute mentally ill people in Northern Ghana

To create a meeting place in Wa, Northern Ghana where destitute mentally ill people can receive treatment, socialise, eat well and participate in activities such as gardening and horticulture to learn a skill to earn an income. Locally the meeting place is known as "Ti Sampaa".

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It ran from 10:35 AM, 7 November 2008 to 9:25 PM, 4 February 2013

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BasicNeeds delivers a development based model of mental health. At the centre of the model is the empowerment of mentally ill people. We are finding that many people who have been made destitute by their illnesses are unable to go home and desparately need help. In Tamale we established our first meeting place which now provides a focus for destitute mentally ill people. We have proved this approach really works for example Ahmed Abdulai used to sleep in the graveyard but after visiting Ti Sampaa he is now stable and has returned to his home and is learning new skills through the horticulture project which operates alongside the Ti Sampaa. With a small amount of funding we have started to build a meeting place for destitute mentally ill people so they can receive treatment, socialise, eat well and learn a skill in Wa. The building as two consulting rooms, a receiption, wash room and a three-bed room for people with critical conditions. We have managed to raise funds to get the walls built and the roof on. Now we require funds to finish off the building and furnish it with the right equipment. The sooner we complete the building the sooner we can help the 236 identified destitute mentally ill people in the area. For £25,000 we can do the following: Plaster walls, ceilings, put in doors and window frames, complete the plumbing and electrical works, flooring, fixtures and fittings and painting £19,620 Office furniture chairs, benches, shelves and cupboards £ 1,297 Examination coach, BP equipment, scales, thermometers, computer, printer and stationery, telephone £ 2,750 TV, VCR, Plus Indoor and Outdoor games £ 1,083 Volunteer equipment including bicylces £ 250 Total £25,000 If you want to learn more about our work place visit our web site: or contact