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Raising Awareness

To increase awareness of the dangers of ‘legal highs’ and highlight their short and long-term physical and psychological effects. To reduce the alarming numbers of young people taking newly emerging “legal” substances and to give parents the tools to guide conversations to keep their children safe.

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Young people & students susceptible to the claims of ‘legal’ in legal highs, without realising that just because it’s ‘legal’, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Parents & educators, who underestimate the dangers children face, don’t recognise the warning signs of experimental, harmful behaviour and can’t confidently speak to them about it. Medical Professionals or students, A&E, GP’s & Community Nurses unaware of the contents or physical/psychological effects of these substances.


Developing social skills and role models; creating monthly films, distributed virally featuring hard-hitting illustrations of the consequences of taking legal highs and positive messages about making “wise” choices to keep them and their friends safe. Providing materials for parents to better inform them of the dangers facing their children and give them the tools and confidence to begin “wise” conversations. Educating educators and medical professionals and creating a network of Ambassadors.