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Tower Hamlets Mission Training & Education Centre

To build an Education Centre on-site for our residents to facilitate their re-entry into work. This will form part of the strategy towards establishing a purposeful and productive recovery. A Centre equipped with various resources, including computers, would be a great help in facilitating and enabling this process.

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Part of our work is therapeutic and part is geared towards re-entry into work. This type of project will help enormously. Facilities will include a library of courses, colleges and voluntary work opportunies. Computers for training in IT, literacy, compostion of CV's. Work application and typing training. The provision of internet services for the vast variety of online course now available and a place for in-house training and the holding of courses run by outside agencies. The cost of the building will be £145,000 (inclusive of fees & VAT). We have so far raised £109,200. We would hope to make up the outstanding £35,800 and start work on the building this year.