London Saz School

Introduction to Anatolian Music

To engage, inspire and familiarise students with the authentic history of traditional Anatolian music, culture and instruments. The project will aim to involve those young, Turkish speaking students, with Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot backgrounds aged in-between 7-16 in state funded schools.

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The first problem we aim to contribute to resolve is the increase in anti-social behaviour due to the emergence of gangs. The second problem we aim to resolve is the lack of enthusiasm the first problem causes towards these students’ education, and finally, the desire that the students begin to form towards street culture without being fully aware of its negative consequences.


Our project will try to solve the problem by helping students acquaint with their rich cultural heritage. It will encourage them to concentrate on music and art as opposed to the mediated and glorified representations of gangs. This will enable them to seek an alternative, inspirational and novel way to spend their spare time, instead of investing it on the negativity the streets offer them. The project will therefore; allow the students to gain insight, prospect, and confidence within life.