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A big thank-you at the Zoo

We're trying to make our 25th anniversary meeting a bit special by having it at London Zoo and inviting members and children (including those being treated for cancer) for a day out!

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We don't usually make a big thing about our meetings becasue we want to maximise the money we invest in children's cancer research and supporting families with a sick child. And we know that still being here after 25 years isn't a cause for celebration - it means that we still haven't found a cure for this disease. But our members and supporters have raised millions of pounds to help find a cure and they do it by their own initiative and effort - as a voluntery organisation we can only offer limited corporate support. So we thought we'd like to say thank-you and get to meet as many as possible of them. We've booked a room at London Zoo for our annual conference and AGM on Saturday 26 April 2008 and we hope to get up to 200 people along. We know that people realy value being able to meet others with a similar experience, and we hope that they will all draw strength and comfort from coming together. The Zoo has given us a disocunt on their usual costs and said that participants can have free access to the Zoo in the afternoon. We have had help from another organisation, but we still need to find a bit more - a bit over £2000 for the facilities, and up to £3000 for catering. So if anyone would like to help us defray the costs with a contribution up to £5000, we'd be really grateful. We'd be delighted to acknowledge and publicise your support - and of course to invite you to join us on the day!