Milton Keynes Hospital Charity

The Little Lives Appeal

To redevelop Milton Keynes Hospital's Neonatal Unit, providing more space and a better environment for vulnerable babies and their families.

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It ran from 8:11 PM, 25 October 2012 to 5:42 PM, 23 May 2016

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Milton Keynes Hospital’s Neonatal Unit cares for all babies that are born too early (premature) and babies that are unwell after they are born. As one in ten babies in and around Milton Keynes is born prematurely, the Unit needs to undergo a redevelopment to meet an increasing demand for our specialist services. This is even more important as Milton Keynes is a growing, new city, with an above average increase in young families.


In response to this need for additional cots and space, the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity launched the Little Lives Appeal. A redevelopment of the Unit will create additional space and allow us to enhance our family-friendly facilities.