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In Touch Project

he project will enable low income NEET Lambeth residents aged 16-19 to attain ASDAN accreditation in film, music and dance. This accreditation will be achieved through the completion of 30 weeks of film, dance or music workshops and will be accompanied by employment skills sessions.

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We have secured evidence that there is a need for this project through accessing Lambeth Council's website and The Office for National Statistics website. These sites both state that there are just over 300 NEETS in Lambeth who have a high statistical chance of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour. It is clear from these reports that there is a need for projects in Lambeth which engage young NEETs in activities which improve their chances of going into further education and employment .


Music, film and dance projects are offered locally by several service providers, but it is clear that there are no projects which compliment music, film and dance training with tailor made employment and personal development support . This is where NXG's project fills a service gap.