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Birth registration is routine in the developed world. In developing nations it is uncommon, but remains the only means to economic development and access to personal rights. Record !t will be distributed in Afghanistan with the aid of local NGOs to educate women about its importance.

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If you ask people in Afghanistan how old they are, you are likely to get a vague response. Many do not actually know how old they are as no record of their birth was made. Officials in the Afghan government are trying to change that. Since 2008, they have been issuing newborns with birth certificates, something most Afghan citizens have never seen. Birth registration is a gateway to accessing legal rights, and aids development by allowing governments to plan knowing population size and growth.


This project supports the government efforts at grassroots level, by seeking to educate women about the importance of registering births for access to opportunities. Record !t illustrates the impact of birth registration in the accessible and concentrated form of a board game. The player is disadvantaged when they do not register a birth. In the game, as in life, lack of registration leads to obstacles such as lost economic opportunities, forfeited chances to social and professional advancement.