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Coventry Watercolour Album by William Henry Brooke

The Herbert Art Gallery raised just enough money to secure an exquisite album of watercolours of Coventry painted by the artist William H Brooke (1772 - 1860) in 1819 - 1820. To exhibit the album, a further £1000 is needed to conserve the album and watercolours and make them ready for display.

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It ran from 1:34 PM, 9 August 2010 to 8:39 PM, 29 March 2011

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Having secured the album through fundraising, the remaining amount is needed to conserve and make it ready for display. The artist's detailed images of now long forgotten Coventry buildings and perspectives are essential to an understanding of this historic's city's development. The Herbert is committed to collecting works of importance to Coventry but has no acquisitions fund to support its ambitions and Coventry's needs.


Conserving and making this album ready for display will enable the Herbert to share it with its visitors. It will be of great interest to academic, professional and amateur historians as they seek to understand how Coventry has changed since being one of the most important cities in medieval England.