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This summer Miracle Theatre takes a trip to the Wild West with their brand new Spaghetti Western comedy The Magnificent Three. As a Magnificent Miracle Maker, your donation will help take the smoking guns and swinging bar doors out on tour, to cliff tops beaches and all sorts of far flung places.

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It ran from 5:58 PM, 1 May 2015 to 4:59 PM, 3 June 2015

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Written by Bill Scott with musical score from Tom Adams, you donation could be just what saves the day! Imagine the scene, Tom Adams on the stage with his toe tapping, heel stomping finger picking guitar, and CALAMITY! With a twang breaks the B sting and a crunch goes the E string! Shoot me down! Tom's G string is bust!


Magnificent Miracle Makers to the rescue! The finger pickin' must go on and your magnificent contributions will mean Tom Adams has spare guitar stings a plenty, whether B, E or G. Yeehaw! Get your donation in by May 10th and your name will be up in lights in The Magnificent Three program, for all to marvel and adore.