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With 6.9 million inhabitants, Honduras is the second most populace country in Central America. Having lived under military rule and plagued with natural disasters, life for the people of Honduras is at best uncertain. According to a 2004 UN report, Honduras suffers from a housing deficit of 750,000 houses. This shortage is a problem to the extreme poor in particular. In the project area, namely Copan Ruins, the housing deficit is 2,051 houses. 37% of the community do not have proper housing. In the area there are 2,650 families (47%) who do not have access to potable water and 3,209 families (57%) have no toilet facilities. Many families in the project area live in deplorable conditions. Most of their houses are built with bahareque or adobe walls without plastering. They have hay roofs and dirt floors. There are no internal walls to divide the rooms and the cooking fire is located inside the house, exposing the family members to diverse diseases such as acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea. These diseases are the main causes of death in the area among children who are under five years old.

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The project will provide support to 317 poor families in five communities in the Maya Area Development Programme. The project will facilitate these families in building their own homes, which will include a latrine and improved stove. Alongside this, the project will promote healthy hygiene practises. The project will be implemented gradually; responding to the most urgent needs first and then addressing other problems of the five-year period. The project will: · Construct 317 houses in five communities of the Municipality of Copan Ruins in the Western region of Honduras. · Provide training for the 317 households in construction techniques and basic sanitation practices. · Set up Housing Committees. The families will select one member from each participating community to represent them in a “Housing Committee”. This committee will be the direct link with the project. The committee will be the key to ensuring participation in the project. It will work closely with the project in the supervision, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of the construction work. · Establish working teams. The families benefiting will also be required to organise themselves into working teams, participate in training workshops, provide the unskilled labour and local construction materials such as sand, rock and adobe. Each working group will be supervised by a mason and will work in shifts and will manage the building of each house. · Train the working groups in marking and foundations of housing, adobe manufacturing and the construction of walls, the construction of wooden doors and windows, roof construction, concrete floor foundry and wall plastering. This fantastic project will help change the lives of the people in Maya: Your support will make a massive difference. We are looking for: · £10,000 to provide four houses for families who are in desperate need of a new home. For further information on this project please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.