Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Druridge Bay

Improvements to wildlife habitats and visitor amenities on Druridge Bay to make a first class destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

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Druridge Bay is among Northumberland’s most attractive and visited landscapes. The scenic qualities and varied habitats of the Bay draw many thousands of visitors each year and make it an important sanctuary for wildlife. This is highlighted by the range of designated sites, such as 6 SSSIs, 4 SNCIs, and being part of larger Ramsar and SPA areas. These include natural features, such as the dunes and foreshore, and “man-influenced” features including subsidence ponds and sites restored or created following mineral extraction. Geological exposures are also of significant interest. A healthy and thriving natural environment is valued by both the local community and visitors and constitutes an important element in the attraction of the Bay. Northumberland Wildlife Trust would like to preserve and improve this area, making it a first class visitor destination for wildlife enthusiasts. We aim to integrate the management of dunes, foreshore, dune grassland and dune slacks to benefit a number of target species, such as great crested newt, skylark, otter and water vole. Birds include waders, marsh harrier, bittern, reed warbler, reed bunting, skylark, water rail, grasshopper warbler, bearded tit and wildfowl, including greylag and pink-footed goose, wigeon, teal.