Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Growing Room for Hauxley Nature Reserve

Hauxley in Northumberland is renowned for its birdlife. Following an arson attack, the visitor centre is being remodelled as a key coastal wildlife watching gateway. To complete the vision we need to buy extra land to improve recreational opportunities, create new habitat and increase biodiversity.

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The rebuilding of the visitor centre as an important nature tourism hub will increase visitors. However, since there is currently no circular route possible around the nature reserve, the visitor interaction with nature is compromised and the current pathways do not make the site easily accessible for all. The nature reserve is also under threat from climate change, particularly sea level rises which will diminish biodiversity if we do not create new habitat.


The purchase of 5ha or 50,000 square meters of land will permit the creation of extended circular pathways and mean that visitors can experience and learn about different aspects of nature as they walk round. New pathways will also allow greater accessibility for disabled people. We will increase biodiversity by creating new habitats including meadowland, hedgerows, native woodland and wetland. This will also create a better connected ecological network with neighbouring reserves and farmland.