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To put smiles on faces and give hope for the future

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The war in Bosnia and particularly the siege of Sarajevo left thousands of people traumatised, either physically or emotionally. They were raped and tortured, lost limbs, lost their families and their homes. We aim to help people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and other problems. Our treatments help those who cannot sleep or relax, who suffer from flashbacks, who feel they have no hope for the future. We work with people who have been left behind and receive no other help. Between 3rd April and the middle of October we aim to send 50 therapists to live and work in our rented house in Sarajevo and in outlying villages. Each will stay for two weeks and give up to 70 treatments. Each therapist raised £750 to pay for his or her trip. This covers airfare, personal expenses in Sarajevo (food, taxis etc) and a contribution to our general fund. In addition we have to pay £4,500 in rent, £8,500 in wages for our project manager and interpreters in Sarajevo, plus all the usual administration costs involved in running the charity. We currently receive no regular income apart from our members' fund raising.