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In Harmony is a community development programme aimed at using music to bring positive change to the lives of young children in some of the most deprived areas of England, delivering benefits across the wider community. The programme encourages participation in music - in the form of the Symphony Orchestra - which can have huge personal benefits for the children involved, providing opportunities to grow and develop, both socially and musically.

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* In Harmony is primarily a social programme, using music through the model of a Symphony Orchestra to improve the lives of individuals and communities. * The project is conceived as an early years intervention. In Norwich it will initially focus on Reception and Year 1 children, in areas of the city considered to have above average levels of deprivation. In each subsequent year, additional year groups will be added. Older children will, however, also be able to get involved. * The project is focussed on long-term, sustained and intensive involvement of the children. * In Harmony will be strongly rooted in the community and aim to develop the support, goodwill and commitment of parents and carers, children and young people and community and voluntary organisations in the area. * The project is not just about developing musical skills. Social development is as, if not more, important. However, music is the vehicle for achieving this and our work will strive for musical excellence and offer high quality music provision. What are we actually doing ? The delivery of In Harmony Norwich is: * Targeted at the Larkman, Mile Cross and Catton Grove areas of the city, three established areas of deprivation. * Based in the three key Primary schools for these areas, Larkman, Catton Grove and Mile Cross Primaries, and built on strong partnerships with these schools. * The programme takes the form of a mixture of in-school and after-school provision. In school, all Reception and Year 1 children in these schools will get between one and one and a half hours of provision per week, mixing instrumental tuition with general musicianship sessions. * After school we are offering provision at two locations, Larkman Primary School and Catton Grove Primary School, from Monday to Thursday. This is offered to all Reception and Year 1 children we are working with in school time, plus a few places for the most interested children across the other year groups. Reception children only attend for the first hour, which is focused on general musicianship, with instrumental teaching taking place in the second hour. Every week on a Thursday there is an 'ensemble' session that brings together the different instrument groups, and also offers a chance to mix the children in the two after school groups. * We are working with Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass and Percussion as key instruments, in addition to singing, which everyone does. Year 1 and older children have selected their instrument of choice, whilst Reception children make this choice in the second half of the academic year. Additional funding to our core DCSF budget is being sought so that we can expand our provision. Uptake has been so high that we are seeking to add an after school club at Mile Cross Primary School, develop a volunteering programme and purchase a range of additional equipment, such as interactive whyteboards.