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Tackling women’s rising unemployment

Ware concerned that public sector cuts and welfare reform are set to have a damaging impact on many women’s choices relating to employment. We are running a programme of activities to address the rising trend in women’s unemployment and the impact that this has on women's overall equality.

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Since October 2009, women’s unemployment has grown by 18% compared with just under 1% for men. Without research into the specific pay-grades, occupations and prospects of women losing their jobs, there is on-going uncertainty about the long-term effects on the gender pay-gap and whether unemployed women will struggle to find jobs that are compatible with their other responsibilities. Where women’s control over their choices in relation to work is reduced, women’s overall equality is threatened.


While one organisation along cannot hope to solve the problem of women's unemployment, this project will: - Provide evidence of the effect of women's unemployment on their overall inequality. - Develop recommendations of steps that can be taken by policy makers to ensure women's equality is not regressed in the workplace and wider society. - Raise awareness of the issue and build public support for action at government level.