Starlight Children's Foundation

Starlight Children's Foundation

If you listen very carefully this Christmas you will hear children laughing, cheering, booing and hissing in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK! Please help Starlight give sick children the chance to to smile and laugh this Christmas, despite their illness and treatment, via Starlight's party and pantomime programme.

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It ran from 8:26 AM, 4 October 2012 to 3:09 PM, 3 July 2018

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At Christmas the special Starlight mixture of fun, surprise, magic and laughter is needed more than ever. Starlight Parties with clowns, entertainers, magicians, presents and party food, and Starlight Pantomimes, with colourful characters and party bags, help the children, parents, siblings and staff to enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere and also provide children with happy memories of their stay. You just have to read just a couple of quotes from hospital staff to see the impact of this project: “Thank you Starlight for the pantomime – Lion Ward, the children, parents and staff needed the laughter.” “We are extremely grateful to Starlight for providing such a wonderful and fun-packed experience for the Children’s ward. The children loved every minute of it and it was obvious by their enthusiasm and positive feedback that it had been a great success and had brightened their day. Starlight makes a real difference to the children when they are in hospital.” Starlight needs your help to make this fun happen. During December, Starlight organises approximately 150 parties and pantomimes in children’s wards in hospitals and in children’s hospices across the UK. This project costs approximately £75,000. Alternatively, individuals can give a hospitalised child the chance to escape into a world of fun at a Starlight party this Christmas for just £12.