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Tackling Social Injustice

A new collaborative social justice project, working with a number of other charities to challenge injustice in the UK. The project will include recruitment of a social justice expert, an exhibition focusing on our copy of the Magna Carta, lectures, workshops and outreach activities.

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Salisbury Cathedral is seeking support for a new collaborative Social Justice project, working with a number of other charities to challenge injustice in the UK and abroad. We want to help people in the UK (and through diocesan and other partners – people in Sudan too) who are excluded from “normal” life. We want to use our visible position to effect change; challenging our visitors to face and tackle injustice, whilst supporting smaller charities who do not have our PR / media profile or draw. The project’s four main aims are: 1. To support the Millennium Development Goals, in particular campaigning for the eradication of poverty, both in the UK and though our partnerships in the Sudan. We will work with our local and Sudanese partners and complement their existing work 2. To work closely with Amnesty International to raise awareness of and ask for the release of prisoners of conscience. We will run a range of education classes and encourage the visitors to the Cathedral to take part in letter-writing campaigns. 3. To promote citizenship and human rights to a wide audience through the medium of an exhibition focused on Magna Carta and through related workshops and activities. We want to target teenagers and young adults in particular, to inform and help the next generation tackle current injustices. 4. To help the local effort for the disadvantaged by working with local charities. We will focus primarily on the homeless, finding appropriate ways to support and strengthen them and to meet needs not currently addressed. We intend to fulfil our aims by recruiting an experienced part-time Social Justice Director, who will develop a full range of activities in conjunction with our partner organisations. The new post holder will work closely with our Head of Education to develop workshops and classes for children and adults, promoting the social justice issues outlined above as well as the right for freedom and racial equality. We will build on our existing successful interfaith workshops to encourage all faiths to tackle society’s problems. The Magna Carta exhibition will be open and free to our 250,000 visitors every year and will promote the principles of fairness and equality which are reflected in the 1215 document. The total project cost is just under £200,000 over three years: £70,625 in year 1, £77,068 in year 2 and £51,943 in year 3. We have only just started seeking support, and the project can only commence with external funding. We would like the project to start in September 2009 if possible.