Tools for Self Reliance

Skills and Tools for Livelihood Development

This project aims to improve the lives of approximately 385 vulnerable people in the Rukwa region of Tanzania by providing them with vocational and businees skills training and high quality tools to improve the quality of their goods, increasing their incomes and benefitting the whole community.

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As part of their poverty reduction strategy (MUKUTA) the Government of Tanzania has identified the need to increase non-farm income generation activities - especially in more rural areas, seeing this diversification as a key way to secure alternative sources of income, to reduce reliance on farming and to mitigate against shocks such as drought and poor harvests, thus ensuring greater economic stability and more sustainable livelihoods.


At the local level the artisan sector is best placed to respond to and meet community needstherfore this project provides an opportunity to make a significant contribution to effective and sustainable livelihood diversification, enabling artisan groups to improve their businesses and economic welfare.