Peace Direct

Promoting locally lead peacebuilding

Peace Direct believes that wherever there is conflict there are local people building peace, and that there will be no lasting resolution unless they are fully engaged. Through this project we aim to raise the profile of local peacebuilding to the global funding community and policy makers.

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To often when conflict erupts somewhere in the world the first response is for a large outside, often multinational, organisation to launch an intervention aimed at getting leaders of warring groups to agree to peace treaties. This approach nearly always fails to adequately consult local people meaning the reasons for conflict aren't properly addressed.


Our work in addressing this problem is aimed at targeting politicians both here and abroad, policy makers in the peace and security sector and members of international organisations such as the UN and demonstrating to them through clear examples and case studies the huge effect local peacebuilding initiatives can have when properly supported; they also nearly always effect more change with less money. We also promote their work to media organisations so that the general public can stay informed