Water Wildlife for All – Exploring the incredible creatures living in ponds and lakes

Wildlife living in ponds and lakes is amazing! Through producing a beautiful poster/informative leaflet, we want to increase peoples understanding of freshwater invertebrates or ‘bugs’ and the other wildlife that lives in ponds and lakes and raise awareness of why they are important homes for wildlife.

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There is an alarming lack of public knowledge about invertebrates or 'bugs' compared to other wildlife and Buglife is working to change this. We aim to: • Create a high quality engaging educational leaflet (incorporating a poster) with pictures, photos and interesting facts on common aquatic bugs and other wildlife which is present in ponds and lakes • Educate and inform - the text will give information on bug ecology i.e.: for a variety of species, what food they eat, where they live, behaviour and lifecycles, as well as information on how ponds and lakes function. The leaflet will also encourage wildlife friendly management and creation of ponds • Distribute 45,000 of these leaflets to children and adults nationwide, mainly through the ‘OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) survey of lakes and ponds’, focusing on hard to reach communities and those not traditionally engaged with nature. Total budget = £12,096 (including staff costs to deliver the project, design and production, printing, postage and distribution). Income secured = £5,445 (£3500 from Trusts, £1,945 in kind volunteer contribution) Amount we need to raise = £6,651