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Finding out your son or sons have a life taking medical research condition is one of the hardest things any family will take on. To have no useful easy to understand literature on the condition makes it even harder. This project looks to address this.

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When our 4 sons were diagnosed with XLP we scoured the internet for 'none medical' information on the condition - to learn more and to help us digest the news. But we found none at that time. The XLP Research Trust is the only charity globally representing this unique community and we have laready published a series of leaflets in English. Work has already started to translate key parts of the web site and key leaflets into: French, Germany, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish and will shortly be publishing in Dutch. But we now require funding to support additional languages such as Italian, Japannese, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Hindi/Urdu, Arabic, Greek and Russian. A donation of £5k would allow us to add 5 additional language mini sites - helping countless numbers of families across the world.