Child Brain Injury Trust

Brain Injury Support Line

In the UK, there is a disproportionate focus on rehabilitation and clinical care. This service fills this gap. It provides brain injured children, their parents, other family members and professionals with practical information and emotional support, on childhood brain injuries.

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Support provided by the NHS and other organisations is disproportionately focussed on the acute phase immediately after injury, ie: physical rehabilitation and hospital care. This has left families feeling isolated, confused and many are affected by anxiety and depression, especially mothers. We are the only UK charity to provide long-term, non-clinical support to people affected by childhood brain injury, no matter what the severity of injury or cause.


By filling the support gap and providing emotional support, coupled with practical information to parents. This puts them back into control, and empowers them to make a difference themselves. We will never turn a child or young person away, no matter if their injury is mild or severe. We are the only UK charity people can turn to form long term support outside of rehabilitation and clinical care.