Killingworth Young Peoples Club

3G Artificial Community Pitch

To construct a 3rd generation all weather pitch for use of our club, other local clubs , and individuals from the community.

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Our objective with this project is to construct a 3rd generation 7-a-side all weather community pitch on our grounds in Killingworth. The pitch would be used for a number of different activities including training, regular matches, and tournaments. It would be available not only to our club, but also to any other club or individual in the community. There are two main reasons why this pitch would benefit our club and the community as a whole. The first reason is that the cost to use the local facilities has risen so much that we can hardly afford to train on them. We spend £8,500.00 a year on hiring local facilities. This money is a large part of our yearly budget and it is rising every year. If we had our own pitch to train on we would be able to use this money in other places where it is needed the most. It would also benefit many other clubs as well because the cost to use our proposed facility would be more reasonable. The second reason is that the pitch would generate a steady profit for our club. We try to keep our membership fees as low as possible so that any child or young person that has the desire to be a member can do so no matter what they’re financial status is. We have a strong fundraising programme in place that helps use to achieve this goal. Even though the charges to use our proposed pitch would be low in comparison to surrounding facilities, the profit generated by it would forever change our club. We would like to have the proposed site up and running for the start of the next season in September. We have starting initial fundraising in an attempt to secure money for the project. We have received some quotes on the price of the build ranging from 125,000 to 200,000. The pitch will need to be fenced and have flood lights as it will primarily be used in the evenings. We know that this is a massive undertaking, but the changes it would bring to our community and club are worth all the effort. For a complete breakdown of the project please contact us.