Education & Skills Development Group (ESDEG)

Northolt Supplemantary school

1. To improve the educational achievement of the socio-economically disadvantaged children in London Borough of Ealing. 2. To improve the young people’s self esteem and social skills. 3. To empower and increase parental involvement in their children’s education.

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4. Providing extra learning support sessions and making books, worksheets and other learning resources available to young people 5. Providing guidance, counselling and mentoring services (both one to one and group sessions 6. By creating workshops and discussion sessions for the young people 7. By creating an environment where other professionals can come and provide services to young people 8. Conducting workshops that inform, educate and encourage parents to involve the education of their children and how best to support children’s learning at home. ACTIVITY (1): Provision of supplementary classes for refugees and other BME children in London borough of Ealing (Northolt). The supplementary classes will be held two days in a week (after school hours and each session will last for two hours) ACTIVITY (2): Expose BME pupils to experiences in higher education role models. Integral element of this program is also to inspire and raise the expectation of these students through the exposure and visits to higher education institutions and links to high achievers and good role models from their societies. ACTIVITY (3): Provision of mentoring, guidance and empowering services to refugees and BME children using the service. The mentoring, empowering and guidance sessions will be integrated into the supplementary learning support sessions, however we will maintain flexibility in approach clients can contact and discuss with the tutors any other time by arrangement. Both individual and group Item Calculation/Description Year1 (£) Year 2 (£) Year 3 (£) Sub Total 13080 12280 12280 Grand Total Year 1 + year 2 + year 3 = £37640