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We urgently require funds to keep the vital core of Deafway functioning.

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Deafway has worked with deaf people for over 100 years. We offer services to deaf people both in the UK and in India and Nepal. The aim of every part of our work is to give deaf people the same opportunities in life that are enjoyed by hearing people. Sometimes this work can be life-changing (e.g. giving a deaf child in Nepal a language and an education), sometimes it can be less dramatic – but nonetheless vitally important (e.g. one of our staff spending extra time with a deaf resident who is feeling upset or vulnerable.) CASE STUDIES: Nepal: Sarsawati Pariyaz and Santoshi Pariyaz. These sisters were born deaf . Their mother has died and their father had abandoned them to live with another woman in Kathmandu. They now live with an aunt(their mother’s sister). Before we opened the school in Sindhuli they had a 4hr walk every day to get to the class. These sisters now have friends, a community and the chance for an education they would not previously had. UK: Our oldest resident is 76. When she came to us, we were told that she had anger problems. This is not the case, frustration at being unable to communicate created the problem. Being able to communicate with others British Sign Language meant she could be herself. She now enjoys a full and active life. In the last 12 months she has been Scuba diving, up in a helicopter and to visit the queen at her annual garden party at Buckingham palace. However, without the staff behind the scenes at Deafway none of these things would be possible. Without Jill, we wouldn’t be able to help provide Thun with a language, education and hope. Without Mike, our residents would not get to take part in all the activities which give them a better life. Without Monica, our groundbreaking theatre projects could not take place and without Anne, we would not have been able to build and open a school in one of the most remote parts of Nepal for Deaf children. These people are behind the scenes but are essential to Deafway, as are all the mundane overheads that every organisation has, but that are so hard for a charity to get funded. We work hard to keep our overheads to a minimum and we reduce our costs wherever we can – for example, we produce all of our written material ourselves, rather than paying for printing.Whilst we have been successful in obtaining project funding for many of our areas of work, it remains particularly difficult for us to generate income to keep the necessary and vital core of Deafway running – and without this core, all of our work would cease. We spend £39,725.00 a week on services for deaf people in the UK and overseas. Less than 9% of this expenditure is on central staffing costs. However, despite keeping these costs as low as we can, we still need £3,569.00 a week to cover them. Please help us with this, and remember that any support you give us to cover these costs enables us to support deaf people the world over, from Chandra in Sindhuli to Thun in Nawalparasi to Betty in Preston. If you would like any supporting evidence of the vital work we do in the Uk and the Developing World please contact us.