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We need a new member of staff to organise and co-ordinate activities for our residents. Our residents are all profoundly deaf with additional needs such as mental health problems and learning difficluties.

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One area of our work is a residential unit for members of the deaf community with additional needs such as mental health problems or learning disabilities. Our residents come to us from all over the country and many of them are elderly. Activities are an essential part of the therapeutic rehabilitation of our residents. Our Activities Co-ordinator works with all our residents on a ‘one to one’ basis and in groups and has achieved startling improvements. As well as general classes geared towards helping them return to independent living they also attend regular horse riding and grooming classes and are encouraged to play sports - badminton and indoor bowls are the current favourites. We now also offer our residents the opportunity to take part in a range of activities which, as residents in a care home, they would not normally be able to experience and which will enrich their lives. Over the past year we have offered our residents various events including, scuba diving, quad biking ‘off road’ on a farm, a trip to a Royal Navy Vessel and an outward bound day. CASE STUDY: Lucy is the oldest resident at Deafway. During her time with us the therapeutic values of living in a communicating environment have been evident. Lucy has had a turbulent past and tends to create strong bonds with people who show her a degree of attention; however, Lucy tends to be easily led by these “friends” and has in the past been reluctant to become involved in activities on offer unless the friends give her their “permission”. Since the Activities Co-ordinator has been in post, it has been possible to create a unique and individual programme of activities tailored around Lucy’s needs and wants. This has resulted in Lucy achieving a greater inner strength and self esteem which in turn has lead to greater independence. Lucy now gets involved in an Arts & Crafts college course, Baking Group, attends activities off site, participates in women’s groups and a weekly coffee morning. More importantly Lucy is a strong participant in discussion groups such as a weekly current affairs group and a Deaf issues group, raising her awareness of what is going on outside her immediate surroundings and also what is available to her as a Deaf person, using other influential deaf people as a role model. All our residents have benefited immensely from the individual and group activities implemented by our activities co-ordinator. The activities have become so popular that we struggle to maintain the level of activities requested by our residents. Word spreads of the amazing and exciting experiences to be had and more residents want to become involved. Because of the varying needs of our residents they sometimes need one to one supervision. We desperately need funding to employ another part time activities co-ordinator. As more and more of our residents want to take part we need to increase the staff available. If we are unable to employ another member of staff we will be not be able to offer the level of activities and support currently enjoyed by our residents and some will miss out on life changing experiences Please help us enrich the lives of our residents. Total Cost for 5years £122,900.00