St Anthony's School Uganda

We have been working with a small school for deaf children for 5 years. Situated in a very rural area the school is desperately in need of further funding. We will be working with the school in order to raise funds to pay the teachers and provide equipment with a view to building a new school

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There are a small number of other schools for deaf children in Uganda. Whilst these schools looked well organised, the big problem is that they can only take children whose parents/families can afford to pay fees that are totally beyond the ability of the families he visited to pay. The aim at St Anthony’s is that every deaf child will be able to attend, even if they are from the poorest family


We have created a long term partnership with this school. We need to secure the funding that they need to employ qualified and experienced staff and to provide facilities and materials and an education that will give these deaf children a chance in life. We know from our work in Nepal that when we partner with a deaf school in the developing world, the dedicated people there - with our supportive advice and with our financial support - change lives forever.